The Awareness

After working in the production industry and managing the Splendens Factory, which was a successful company in creating commercials and events, Adrien experienced a kind of radical reversal.

His achievements did not avoid self-questioning about bad highlighting of people’s skills and promotion of useless products dedicated to quickly become obsolete.

He was witnessing sensitive artists and creatives falling into a morbid over-consumption spiral and came to a violent questioning about environmental issues.

One night, he tried the Ikigai concept, a Japenese concept which includes joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of well-being. Then, he realized that he could mix the skills he acquired in management, veterinary care, production, buzz creation… with his vision to create something positive and meaningful.

Step by step, he has started become vegetarian and minimalist reducing his possessions to a suitcase and travel all around the world to create Wild Immersion.

Wild Immersion, endorsed by Jane Goodall produces virtual reality entertainment, using new technologies to create immersive footage of wild animals and habitats.

Through 360° virtual reality headsets, 3D Mapping or Augmented Reality devices, the audience is teleported and immersed in thrilling environments.


Wild Immersion sharing an educational, ethical and ecological initiative, aims to become the main producer of educational entertainment about nature’s true experiences and to connect humans to themselves and to nature by creating empathy and wonder.

The company which is actively filming new movies has already captured 140 species over more than 400 days of shooting and is operating around 10 venues in European and North American theme parks, cinemas, museums, and malls.

The Wild Immersion will be in every major town soon and will teleport millions of people into nature, will buy lands to create bigger spaces for animals to live in harmony with local populations... and finance real reserves with the help of our virtual ones.


After graduating from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, Adrien worked at Sanofi for 6 months. As he noticed a lack of veterinary medicines for rabbits and Sanofi had not yet developed this segment, he created a range on his own. Discovering his attraction for marketing, branding, and promotion through this experience, Adrien pursued his studies in business and marketing at the ESCP Business school (École Supèrieure de Commerce de Paris).

During his studies, Adrien co-created a record label in 2001 called “Musiques Hybrides” producing artists, gigs, festivals, clips, and websites. He co-founded Calvi on the Rocks, Scopitone and participated in the opening of the Nouveau Casino, Baron, Triptyque, Paris Paris...

In 2004 he founded Elegangz, a pioneering company that becomes one of the major players in 360° production, crafting, web content creation, live events, and artistic direction. He quickly saw that artists needed each other to promote their image as a brand.

So, in 2012, having already earned a name as a producer, this insatiably curious urbanite created the Splendens Factory, a hybrid agency specializing in events organizing, new technologies and artistic direction.

The Splendens Factory

The Splendens Factory is a production company and an artist nursery, working with all the major advertising agencies and bringing artists administrative and financial support. 


At last, Adrien could spend his days doing what he loves best: bringing new talents to light!

He found the premises he needed at 8 Rue Muller, Paris 18; the Maison Muller was home to the Splendens Factory, a collective of musicians, graphic designers, photographers, producers, scenographers, webmasters… working together on music, movies, artistic direction…

The Splendens Factory (now owned by his brother: Laurent Moisson) is a place that brings together complementary and synergistic places :

  • Family House - 6 rue Muller - an old-fashioned living and dining room,

  • Photo Studio of 150 m² with a skylight for natural lighting during photo shooting,

  • Studio Recording in the basement,

  • Projection room for short movies and film directors,

  • Digital workshop, library, artists’ showroom, Le Rosie bar, Le Blue Club, and many others, to receive and gather everyone.

















Click this link to see the Splendens Factory Showreel